Kodak Portra 400 /// Bronica ETRSi

I think other film shooters can relate to this. There are times when a roll of film just takes forever to get through. It really is a testament to how film feels special and only deserving of your best. This roll took a couple of weeks to only get through 15 photos, when compareitavely I can shot 15 photos with my iPhone in seconds.  These photos range from Sacramento - Carmel and some great moments in between. 


Bronica etrsi


aka the worlds most underrated and really cheap medium format camera. 

Lets talk a little bit about gear. Which I really don't like to do but I just wanted to hype up a super underrated camera. I have been shooting the Bronica Etrsi for a few years now. I've shot weddings, portraits, and everything in between with it. They are super cheap still on places like eBay and KEH. The film options are amazing and being able to take advantage of the beauty of medium format film is seriously great. The low contrast lens plus some higher contrast film like Ektar is a match made in heaven. I'll make a blog post with that combo soon. 

Scans and Developing by The Darkroom