I shot a random point and shoot and the results are pretty great! Kodak KE60 w/ Kodak Ektar.


10 out of 10 would shoot again

Also you can buy one for $10 on eBay.

The Kodak KE60, the worlds okayist camera. 

I found this camera going through some of my wife's old stuff and I just had to shoot it. In all honesty would I recommend this camera. Ummmm, probably not. Would I shoot this camera again, HECK YES. Here is why. 

I have a lot of cameras that I enjoy shooting. All with many fancy features that result in great photos. However, non of them are as small, light, portable or as ordinary as this guy. 

This is the kind of camera that are sold to non-photographers. When you just want to capture an image of your dog or kid. This camera does not have fancy lenses or even exposure compensation. Just 3 modes. Portrait, landscape and auto. Kodak made this camera for parents and grandparents taking photos of their kids soccer game or a night out at a restaurant. It is designed for ultimate easy of use. That is exactly why I love it. 


Sold at gift shops with film!

Photo credit to this Ebay seller

When you peel the layers back of a great photograph. It is always about what is IN the photograph, the subject, composition, color, light ect. The tool used to make a great photograph matters, yes, but never is it everything. A great cook can make an amazing meal with any pan, a great guitar player could do the same. Yes tools matter, but they aren't everything. 

That is why I love this camera. its a challenge and a test of my abilities. Can I make great photos with a random point and shoot. The challenge of taking an ordinary camera and making art. 

This was the first roll I ran through it and I LOVE the results. The camera makes really sharp images and has crazy vignetting. Not every frame is technically perfect, but they tell a story. Some of the images are shaky. It is so small I forgot where the lens was and even covered part of it with my finger. Oops. Shot in the span of 3 days. A perfect road trip camera. California to Wyoming. The great landscapes of Nevada and Idaho. Shot through a cheap camera. Here are my results.

Development and scanning by The Darkroom