I Shot a Hot Air Balloon Festival on Kodak Ektar Film

One very early Saturday morning we drove to a field to experience something beautiful. This was a first for me and something I would like to do again. Seeing big empty colorful bag fill with hot air and taking off as if they are weightless is surreal. Can’t wait to do this early morning adventure again!

Shot this all on film. Ilford Xp2, Kodak Ektar in 35mm and 120 were my films of choice. Using my trusty Canon EO3 and Bronica ETRSi I was able to capture this really cool process. Highly recommend check this out for yourself. If there is a balloon festival near you, GO! It’s now on our travel list, one day we will make it out the most amazing festival of all, the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dev and scan by The Darkroom

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