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Hi :] 

My name is Francisco Gerardo Chavira Aguilera

Image by the coolest dude  Tom Wright

Image by the coolest dude Tom Wright

I’m Francisco

My wife and I are Sacramento residents, we love this city. My wife is way cooler then I am. She is a geologist. HOW COOL IS THAT. It’s pretty cool I’d say. Anyways, I like to wear bow ties without being pretentious. Also I was born in Mexico. A tiny town in a gorgeous valley called Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango. During the summer time it rains in the afternoons, and then it all dissipates and what’s left are the most beautiful white puffy clouds you have ever seen. I've never met a cereal I didn't like, except grape nuts, that stuff is from the Devil himself. I really love instant film and old cameras. Polaroid for life! I believe the world is filled with enough sad art. I try and create things I could stand hanging on my walls and look at everyday and feel good. Cool...k. thx. bye




I’d love to hear from you! The thing is, I hate having to fill out a contact form, because who can really trust a contact form. So send me an email!

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Fine Art


my art is colorful,




and something you can hang on your walls

so call me.

Past and Current Exhibitions

  • Impossible Project Gallery Space - Out of The Blue // October 2012 - May 2013 // Manhattan, New York

  • Blue Line Gallery - Juried Exhibition // Picture It Group Portrait Show // April - May 2018 // Roseville, California

  • Specto Art Space - Juried Exhibition // COLOR: Explorations and Expressions // May - June 2018 // Bridgewater, Virginia

  • Red Line Gallery - Juried Exhibition // Rethinking Urbanism // June 22nd - July 22nd 2018 // Denver, Colorado

  • Bath House Cultural Center - Juried Exhibition // Revived with Light: An Exploration of Expired Photographic Media // July 7th - August 4th // Dallas, Texas

  • Blue Line Gallery // Crocker-Kingsley Exhibition // January 2019 // Roseville, California



This is my wife, CB, she is the freaking coolest.

Image by Pei Ketron